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Reebok Studio Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap

Reebok Studio Yoga Strap

Product Description

Yoga provides endless health and fitness benefits, with a number of styles to practise.

Yoga also provides spiritual benefits with many elements of meditation being incorporated through movements to help you focus on the mind, body and soul.

Similar to a Yoga block prop, a Yoga strap also helps you perform different poses whilst simultaneously building strength, aiding flexibility and assisting you with proper alignment.

The buckle is an essential part of the design for the purpose of adjusting the length and creating a loop for specific yoga postures. It securely holds the strap in place, making it ideal for the hard to reach positions you’ve been working up to.

  • Aids flexibility and proper alignment
  • Ideal for hard to reach positions
  • Reebok Yoga Strap 183 x 4cm
  • Robust buckle to securely hold strap in place

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