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Reebok Studio Reebok Step

Reebok Step

Reebok Studio Reebok Step

Product Description

Introduced to health clubs over 25 years ago, the timeless aerobic Reebok Step remains an integral and immensely popular piece of equipment in the group fitness exercise arena today.

Variety in training is the key to progress and with the Reebok Aerobic Step, no two workouts are ever the same. This is the ideal platform for group classes to perform a large range of basic and more complex exercises from cardiovascular and plyometric training to lower body muscle toning; its versatility is ideal for mixing up any workout programme.

Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels, the red and grey Reebok Step can be combined with mat work exercises, or used with hand, wrist or ankle weights for an even higher calorie burn. Popular in gym class settings, the step is often used in conjunction with choreographed routines to upbeat music.

Sturdy and durable for every lunge and jump, the Reebok Step’s non-slip rubber surface means the user can focus on their form and positioning, plus it can be height adjusted from 15cm (5.9″) to 25cm (9.8″) in three increments for added intensity.

The workout ‘bubble’ textured surface is large enough for fitness activities, but at the same time the step is compact and easy to store away when the class is complete – convenient and completely hassle free.

Fitness trends will change, but the Reebok Step is the trusted workout accessory that stands the test of time.

  • Adjustable to 3 different heights (15cm/20cm/25cm)
  • Compact storage
  • Non-slip workout surface
  • Reebok Step in Red and black – Reebok’s height-adjustable aerobic step
  • Versatile piece of equipment is a must-have in any gym

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