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Reebok Studio Reebok Deck

Reebok Deck

Reebok Studio Reebok Deck

Product Description

The professional Reebok Deck is a revolutionary, reconfigurable exercise platform which marks the latest evolution of the ever-popular original Reebok Step.

The Reebok Deck enables you to perform effective cardio workouts based on aerobic stepping, plus it can convert into a flat, incline or decline weight bench.

When used as a Step, the Deck’s height of 20.5cm is ideal for low impact aerobics but, if you’re looking to increase the intensity, simply use the integral risers to elevate the deck to 35.5cm. This is versatility at its very best.

With its natural inertia, low centre of mass and non-slip rubber surface, the Reebok Deck remains very stable and safe throughout every workout. And, compact in size, can be easily transported and stored away. Plus, add in Reebok Dumbbells and Reebok Resistance Tubes using the Deck’s integrated locators and you have a flexible choice for personal trainers and studios.

It takes a mere few seconds to adjust the leg and back positions of the Reebok Deck with a simple click and lock mechanism. This is beneficial when used in time allocated gym classes.

  • 110cm x 33cm x 20.5cm with 2 variable heights
  • Clips to attach resistance tubes for a varied workout
  • Incline/decline/flat has 3 position angle support
  • Internal storage compartment for weights and resistance tubes
  • Reebok Deck – black and red

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